Unlock the full potential of marketing analytics

Automated data integration

Eliminate manual data collection through fully automated data connectors that fetches data daily from a variety of marketing platforms and other data sources.

See the complete picture

Unify your marketing across all channels and get rid of reporting silos. Explore your data through out-of-the-box dashboards. This is how you save time.

Evaluate the whole funnel

Coming soon. Discover the attributed returns of your marketing channels according to funnel strategy. Demonstrating the effect of your top-level branding campaigns just got a lot easier.

Facebook measurement

Gain insights on how your facebook campaigns are driving sales without being limited small attribution windows and the end of the third party cookie.

Influencer marketing

Measure the returns of your paid influencer marketing and affiliate links and easily compare it to other channels with unified metrics.

Recommendations and predicted outcomes

Coming soon. Optimize your budget confidently by following recommendations that drive maximum performance or use predictive analytics to see how changes in ad spend will effect revenue.

Seamless integrations

Connect all your marketing data from your analytics and advertising platforms with just a few clicks. Onboarding has never been easier.

What's next?

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