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How it works

Data input

Aggregated, non-personal marketing data is collected via automated connectors or manual uploads. Sales, leads and other events are collected via integration to your existing systems or via Causiq pixel. This takes minutes, not days.


AI-based experimentation engine applies Bayesian principles to Marketing Mix Modeling by focusing on how things change over time, factoring in holidays, branding effect, and baseline growth rate. Self-learning model that provides unparalleled accuracy for attributing returns and predicting outcome by accounting for uncertainty. 

Insights and recommendations

Speed matters in marketing. While other marketing mix model tools provide results on a monthly or quarterly basis, Causiq updates results daily, helping agile teams to identify promising opportunities, deploy tests, evaluate results, and quickly iterate.

Frequently asked questions

How much work is it to get started?

It's quick: you click through consent dialogs and land back in our app. No need for long integration projects. If one or more channels are lacking API:s you can send the rest as CSV to an e-mail or SFTP. Furthermore, we sync historical data if you have it in e.g. Google Analytics, Amplitude or CSV format, so you can be up and running within a day.

Does it require constant work?

Not at all: once you have set up the automated data pulls, you are good to go.

How much data is needed?

There are no exact data volume requirements as data quality is generally more important. Good sales and marketing datasets will make your job a lot easier when it comes to building accurate models for predictive analytics. Although data integrations are primarily automated, we at Causiq are always committed to help when needed.

What is Bayesian inference?

Bayesian inference is a statistical technique that's quickly gaining traction among marketers. Put simply, it's a mathematical way to find the probability of one event happening given that another has already happened. As a marketer you would want to leverage the information to choose where to best spend your money.

How does Causiq differ from other solutions?

Compared to other attribution tools, our model does not rely on cookies. As a result, Causiq is not limited by walled gardens, tracking preventions or short attribution windows. This also means that you can measure offline marketing activities and unify it with online campaigns in a single view.         

Our model is not only media agnostic - it's fast. New results are generated daily, which is unprecedented in the world of media mix modeling.

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